My Favorite Movie Ending Scenes with Beautiful Music

Robert Gibb
4 min readApr 19, 2022


Last week was challenging and reminded me of why music and movies are my favorite forms of art, especially when they come together at the end of a story in a beautiful way. Even if the circumstances of a situation in life do not appear to be beautiful, movie endings with beautiful music remind me that everything is perfect.

Separately, good music and movies inspire a positive energy during challenging times. When confusion and worry overwhelmed me last week, I played the song Avril 14th from the end scene of Newness to calm down. I also watched the near-end and end scene of CODA. This movie is not in the list below but it’s so beautiful it made me forget there’s room for any negativity in life.

Together, good music and movies inspire catharsis and realization of deep truths. When I watched the final scene of Drive this week, I understood that, after confronting the dishonesty of another person (someone with more worldly power), the best thing to do is drive away. To leave money and attachments behind.

I also watched the final scene of Heat and understood that beauty can be found in differences. That beauty was absent in my situation, but I know it can exist when strong people are involved. McCauley was strong, my opponent was not. If it was not for the beautiful music that complemented the scene, this truth could have remained hidden.

Music makes movies memorable

Beautiful music that crystallizes a movie’s events in a final scene creates an impact that makes a movie memorable, as explained by Michael Mann, the director of Miami Vice and Heat (each listed below).

Beautiful music can even make a misunderstood movie like Miami Vice a rewatchable movie. It certainly made the end scene of the movie one of my favorite movie endings with beautiful music.

Movie Ending Scenes with Beautiful Music

The movies that follow go from ones I have loved to ones I have enjoyed, starting with Lost In Translation. This movie ending helped me realize the subtleties of romance at a young age when Charlotte and Bob walk away from each other and Just Like Honey by The Jesus and Mary Chain starts playing. Miami Vice has a similar theme at the end, and, while it’s less believable, the track Auto Rock by Mogwai helps us understand what’s trying to be said.

Here are the movies and music in the list:

  1. Lost In Translation: Just Like Honey by The Jesus and Mary Chain
  2. Drive: A Real Hero by College
  3. Heat: God Moving Over the Face of the Waters by Moby
  4. Miami Vice: Auto Rock by Mogwai
  5. Newness: Avril 14th by Aphex Twin

And here are the playlists:

Lost In Translation: Traveling Love

Bob walks to his cab after an embrace with Charlotte that acknowledges the understanding they’ve found during their time together in Tokyo. Bob turns and treads backwards, holding a final gaze with her. She smiles. He smiles back. A big one that warms their understanding into a new hope. He turns away. Charlotte turns and walks. She looks back. Does she need him to hold this hope? A breath indicates she’ll be just fine. Bob gets in the cab and says Alright. We drive through a Tokyo sunset, back to the airport. Just Like Honey by The Jesus and Mary Chain plays.

Instant crush on Scarlett when I was 14

Drive: Driving Away

After getting stabbed in the gut by Bernie, Driver moves from his contemplative, dead-like state and starts the car. Irene knocks on his door but he is not home. He leaves the bag of money behind and drives into the sunset, into the night. His eyes water. He misses her and Benicio but this is for the best. A Real Hero by College plays.

A literal death stare

Heat: Enemy Friend

McCauley leans slouched against an electrical box near the airport runway. One shot in the arm, three in the chest. Blood soaks his suit shirt. He breathes heavily. Lt. Vincent Hanna approaches. “Told ya I’m never going back,” says McCauley. He raises his hand. Hanna takes it. McCauley fades away and Hanna is left standing. Water in his eyes, almost missing a friend. God Moving Over the Face of the Waters by Moby plays.

“Told ya I’m never going back.”

Miami Vice: Time Is Luck

Crockett sends his love Isabella away to keep her safe. Tubbs greets his love Trudy as she wakes from a coma. Crocket goes to the hospital to see Tubbs, his friend. Auto Rock by Mogwai plays.

“Yeah, the luck run out.”

Newness: Love Fear

Gabi thinks she and Martin will eventually get bored of each other. Martin says bored is okay. Gabi says they will resent each other. Martin says they’ll remind each other of why they are worth it. Gabi says she’ll disappoint him. Martin says he’ll disappoint her. You promise? They hold each other. Avril 14th by Aphex Twin plays.

This scene isn’t on YouTube but here’s some sweet music :)

Other Movie Endings with Beautiful Music